This is how Don Raúl discovered that the Bimbo dealer stole


After finding out that Ricardo "N", the merchant of Bimbo, stole merchandise, the daughter of Don Raúl, owner of the miscellany & la 399 hormiguita, was thinking about including the delinquent.

He discovered a bag of fried food, cut it, turn on his mobile phone with the camerado some duct tape and He placed it in a display to record the evidence that has been viralized in social networks.

His companion told us that he had stolen us, that the product was hidden in his vest, "said María Rosaura, daughter of Don Raúl.

It was twice where this dealer was discovered. Two complaints submitted by Grupo Imagen are accountable for this.

Ricardo however took a year and a half with the route and every eight days he stole in & # 39; La hormiguita & # 39; six "Chocorroles", ie 72 pesos each Thursday. This happened one and a half years and only in one store, although there are more than fifty on his route.

But also the Bimbo dealer harassed the daughter of Don Raúlalthough the MP assured that what she denounced was not intimidation and rejected it.

Yes, I mentioned them, but they did not take it into account because there was no contact, but you felt vulnerable, "he said.

Bimbo directors came by this morning to offer Don Raúl an apology they did not offer compensation.

Nothing else apologized for the events, for what happened, but that's it. They have not compensated me, they have told me that he will pay his debt, "said Don Raúl, duel of La Hormiguita & # 39;

Don Raúl believes that the delivery person he did not think about his family at the time of stealing.

The biggest mistake of this man is that he did not think of his family. I would like to ask the gentleman where he will work now, who will receive it, with what background he presents himself, "he concluded.


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