This is the question that will be asked in the popular talks about the new airport

Jesús Ramírez Cuevas, the next general coordinator of Social Communication in the next administration, announced on Monday what the question is that will be asked in the consultation about the fate of the construction of the New Mexico International Airport (NAIM).

The consultation will take place from 25 to 28 October throughout the country.

During a press conference Ramírez explained that the question will be "Given the saturation of the international airport of Mexico City, which option do you suggest that it is better for the country?".

You can respond with two options. The first is "Refurbishing the current airport in Mexico City and Toluca, and building two runways at Santa Lucia Air Base " and the second is "Continue with the construction of the new airport in Texcoco and stop using the current international airport of Mexico City."

The spokesman said that on the front of the vote the arguments for and against both proposals will be explained as "it is part of the national debate that is currently taking place".

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In August, the president-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced the completion of a citizen consultation to decide whether the new airport should be built into more Texcoco, or if the project to the Military base of Santa Lucia.

The citizen training tables are installed in 538 municipalities of the country, from 8 am to 6 pm, where civil society organizations will receive the votes of citizens.

In this regard, Ramírez noted that the Consultation takes place across the country, with an emphasis on the capitals of each entity. In total there will be a thousand 73 voting tables. "The 538 municipalities represent a universe of 82 percent of voters in the country," he said.

He noted that an application of 500,000 to one million tickets is estimated, which will be collected with an application made by Mexican engineers who have not asked for their creation, and which will only be released on the day of the consultation to Prevent hack.

The location of the tables will be announced via the website

About the experts who will be part of the committee on this subject, the spokesman said that there are academics from UNAM and UAM, mainly, as well as members of civil society organizations such as the Patronato Pro Defensa and Conversation of the Cultural Patrimony of Oaxaca and El Barzón.

About the financing of the consultation, they have an estimated calculation of one and a half million pesos, which will be collected through voluntary contributions from federal lawmakers, as well as personal contributions.

"The funding of this democratic transition team process will be funded with voluntary contributions from federal legislative legislators, deposits & personal contributions will be made public, they will announce it as soon as costs are incurred and when we check the origin of expenses, "Ramírez commented.

Enrique Calderón Alzati, chairman of the Foundation Arturo RosenbluethHe said that his association is responsible for counting the votes and announcing the final results.

"The point is to take into account the opinions of the people, the consultation can be better than what we do today, but we learn," he said.

With information from Anabel Clemente.

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