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August 20 .- The Ministry of Public Education (SEP) reported that today, with almost 26 million primary school students starting the first phase of the New Education Model, an important part of the educational reform

In a statement, he said that the implementation of the plan and the curriculum of the new educational model for the three classes of preschool, first and second grade of primary school and first class of secondary education begins.

He pointed out that as from today the school year 2018-2019 will start in public and private schools for primary and normal education, included in the national education system.

The new curriculum is organized around three components: Academic training, which consists of the subjects of national compliance; Personal and social development, including social-emotional skills; and Curricular Autonomy, which allows school communities to define part of the curriculum in accordance with their interests and needs.

For the successful implementation of the plan and the curriculum of the new educational model, one million 19 thousand 90 teachers were trained as part of the secondary education strategy.

This Monday approximately 25.4 million students and 1.2 million teachers will participate in the 226.2 thousand public and private schools for primary education.

1.9 million young people who will take a job training and 88.4 thousand students from normal education will also go to class.

The students in primary education, job training and normal education join the 9.2 million students in higher and higher secondary education who started their courses in the first week of August.

Therefore, the total registration of the national education system in the school year 2018-2019 will be 36.6 million students, served at 258.5 thousand schools, with the support of 2.1 million teachers.

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