Trolling between PAN and police during attempted deportation leave 6 prisoners in Monterrey

Monterrey .- Municipal police officers of this city, detained during the early hours of this Sunday six sympathizers of the PAN when tried to displace a sit-in ] that began on Saturday before noon, to protest against the judgment of the State Court (TEE) that the triumph of PAN Felipe de Jesús renounced Cantú Rodríguez and assigned it to ] PRIIST ADRIÁN DE LA GARZA .

During the attempted expulsion, which was recorded after two o'clock in the morning in the esplanade in the central part of the ground floor of the city palace, there were bumps and shocks. ; Cantú Rodríguez ended up in the apartment and with some scratches, while the six supporters of the blue and white were taken to the facilities of Alamey of the Secretariat for Public Security and Roads of Monterrey.

This is Mario Gutiérrez Hernandez, Edgar Martinez, Alfredo Leal, Raul Ruiz, Luna Lunakxel Lopez and Mario Sergio Montelongo, accused of committing administrative offenses, and were released around 10:30 am on Sunday, without pay fine.

The PAN continued the sit-down, and this Sunday they received the visit of the former presidential candidate of the election process of 2012 Josefina Vázquez Mota who was in solidarity with Cantú Rodríguez.

Also present was the legal director of the blue-white CEN Eduardo Aguilar Sierra who trusted the Regional Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Judiciary of the Federation (TEPJF) will change the judgment of the State Court


In a divided vote of two to one, the magistrates revoke the municipal triumphs of the PAN; in previous days the Court had withdrawn two deputies, one to Morena and another to PT to assign them to the PRI [Tribunal de Nuevo León] win against the PRI in Guadalupe and Monterrey ” border=”0″/>  Tribunal de Nuevo León triumphed at the PRI in Guadalupe and Monterrey

Aguilar Sierra said that there are no legal elements for the ruling in favor of the PRI to be confirmed, because magistrates Gastón Julián Enríquez and Jesús Eduardo Bautista Peña seized the victory of Felipe de Jesús Cantú, only They voted against the draft opinion of the speaker Carlos César Leal Isla, who confirmed the triumph of the PAN, accredited by the municipal election committee, and who never gave the PRI the task of submitting proof

of the 177 squares that were destroyed in Monterrey, the magistrates canceled a hundred at late opening, a cause that was withdrawn since 1994, and the project believes that it was agreed, It is full of con traditions, because in a paragraph they talk about elements to cancel the elections, and the next they are inclined to win the PRI.

On 8 July, the municipal election commission of Monterrey de PAN, Cantú Rodríguez, steadfastness of the elected mayor, obtained 153,000 035 votes, with 148 thousand 356 votes of the PRI member Adrián de la Garza, once counted 1,578 minutes , with a deficit of 28 that lost the wire.

With the new count made by the TEE, by canceling 177 squares, Adrián de la Garza gave the somersault and ended with 131 thousand 214 votes against 130 thousand 085 of Felipe de Jesús Cantú.

For the municipal presidency of Ciudad Guadalupe, PAN supporters held a new sit-down led by Pedro Garza Treviño, to whom the TEE renounced his triumph and awarded it to PRI member Cristina Díaz Salazar.

In that commune, Pedro Garza had received 83 thousand 318 votes and with the cancellation of 140 boxes to PRI request, ended with 66 thousand 307 votes, while Cristina Diaz went from 78 thousand 525 to 67 thousand 322 votes.


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