Truck leaves & # 39; volando & # 39; on Av. Leones; conductive survives

A woman survived after organizing a spectacular and unusual accident on the Paseo de los Leones, west of the city


An unusual rollover was recorded in a commercial square on the avenue Walk of the Lions, in Summits third sector.

the conductive from the car, in gray, circled to the east on the side, at street level From the topwhen he reportedly came without brakes and climbed a parking ramp.

After climbing it was overturned and "flew" while it stayed on top van parked; in his step he knocked down the awning that covers the stairs of the shopping plaza.

the conductive was identified by the authorities as Andrea Sagastegui Añorbe (18), who was attended by paramedics, but who only led to minor blows.

Instead, cranes worked to remove the vehicle with license plates RTH-535-A.

Civil protection elements placed absorbent dust by the fuel that the van.

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