Two suicides are recorded in less than two hours; count on 65 [Seguridad] – 26-08-2018

Saltillo, Coah.- On the morning of the Sunday two men decided to end their lives by committing themselves 64 and 65 suicide in Saltillo.

The first case took place in Colonia Vicente Guerrero, on Calle 19, around 07:00.

According to the first reports, it was a man, of whom so far his generals have not revealed who have decided to take his own life in his house.

Two hours later, near Naziz Ortiz, the second suicide occurred on the Avenida 6e. Where a 68-year-old man committed suicide for family problems.

In both places there were members of the Red Cross who only reported death.

With these suicides there are already 72 in the southeast of Coahuila.

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