we are being seduced by the power in the PRI

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When assuming the position of National president of the PRI to close the 2015-2019 period, Claudia Ruiz Massieu gave an energetic self-criticism to the party, in which he warned that the defeat in the past election process It is the responsibility of the PRI members and announced that they will commend the beginning of "a fundamental reform and form" of this political body.

At the Plutarco Elías Calles Auditorium – where he heard criticism at the deputy Cristian Vargas against "the surrender" of President Enrique Peña Nieto– He said that the defeat is the product of being seduced by power, from his departure from the bases, from the decisions of the courts, by not denouncing corruption and "cynics and abusers" to spoil the party.

After acceptance of former national presidents, leaders of sectors and legislators that the PRI lives the most difficult moment in its history to be opposed to the executive and minority in the legislature, announced that in 60 days it will meet in the election of the new Secretary General of the party.

"It has to be said, we did not know how to defend our party, we forgot our origins," he said, and declared that they were being seduced by power.

He confirmed that the PRI members allowed others to apply their flags, lost their identity and did not raise their votes in time "to corruption that was generated in our own rows.

"We let the cynics and abusers expose the image, damage the reputation of millions of honest women and men, patriots and PRI workers: the militants who knock on the door and ask for the voice for us, the officials who work tirelessly for Mexico, the social leaders who are the face of the party in every corner of the country, "condemned the National president of the PRI.

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