We will not prevent what benefits the country: Ruíz Massieu

Mexico City /

Claudia Ruiz Massieu, senator and national president of the PRIsaid the parliamentary factions of his party they will not hinder changes that benefit the country.

"In everything that benefits people, the quality of our family and that follows the progress of Mexico's interests, the next government will have the fractions of the PRI.

Because we are a government, we know that the opposition is selfish that everything rejects slogan, we will not be, we will not obstruct what serves, which are attitudes of small parties and the PRI is a big party, "he said.

At the start of the sessions of the 64th Legislature, Ruiz Massieu repeated that the PRI will be one brave opposition and responsible, and also that he will speak for the presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in the sense that he will respect the right to dissent.

The national leader of the PRI He asked the parliamentary faction of Morena to form a counterweight and say no if the initiatives were not favorable for the country.

"Ladies and gentlemen of Morena, I use my participation to make a respectful appeal, you belong to the party that will govern, but is part of an autonomous and independent power, in an authentic democracy, as you promised, the legislature is a counterweight and that includes the ruling parliamentary factions, who have to say no when the interests of the nation require it, "he said.

Claudia Ruiz Massieu added that they will use their experience as a majority and ruling party to meet the demands of society.


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