We're going to rehabilitate the Tula refinery & # 39 ;: López Obrador


The elected president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, presented the development plan for Hidalgo, that will run during his administration and in which he considers investments and employment.

There will be an extensive program for the well-being of the people in Hidalgo and there will also be investments so that there will be jobs, that there will be work in Hidalgo, "said the president-elect when giving a press conference at the Plaza de Juárez de Pachuca, accompanied by the governor Omar Fayad Meneses.

One of the action lines presented is that of recovery of the Tula refinery, for which, he said, about 5 billion pesos will be invested next year.

In the case of the Mayan Train project that will be carried out in the southeast of the country, it is also thought that for this project the trains in Ciudad Sahagún, in Hidalgo, will be built with the Bombardier company, so that there will be work in Hidalgo. "

López Obrador revealed that another obligation is to continue with the expansion of the road to the Huasteca, "from Pachuca to the Huasteca."

This is generally what we have agreed, "said Morena's former candidate.

In his message, López Obrador stated that these action lines should be carried out jointly, between the national, municipal and federal authorities.

Let's work together, for the people of Hidalgo. There will be no lawsuits, differences, we need unity. The country is the first, "he said.

Earlier held the governor of Hidalgo and the president-elect one Private meeting at the head office of the government palace.

Later they met deputies and senators from Hidalgo.

In the afternoon López Obrador holds a demonstration with supporters on the esplanade Plaza de Juárez de Pachuca.


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