When Javier Duarte was "released", a prison in Veracruz is waiting for him: governor

XALAPA, Ver. (Appro.) – The outgoing Governor of Veracruz, Miguel Angel Yunes Linares, assured that he would not "allow" the former PRI Governor of Veracruz, Javier Duarte de Ochoa, to leave prison, once the Attorney General's Office. Republic (PGR) will change the crime of organized crime into criminal association.

In a press conference, Yunes Linares recalled that the Attorney General of the State of Veracruz has several arrest warrants for a number of crimes, including: fraud, diversion of funds, coalition, embezzlement, as well as a forced disappearance process, which would be implemented in the coming weeks. done.

Yunes Linares reminded that in the administration of Javier Duarte the treasury was deceived for more than 17 billion pesos, in addition, it has filed 72 complaints by the Superior Audit Office of the Federation (ASF) for obscuring the fourth part of the Treasury Veracruz .

"There can be no leniency for those who did not have mercy with Veracruz, he and his gang were ruthless who did not care about the serious damage they suffered to Veracruz, there is no way to be forgiven, the structural damage they have it is obvious, "he said.

Yunes realized that if Duarte de Ochoa were to be "released" so that his criminal proceedings could go on freely, he would have to be immediately transferred to the authorities in Veracruz to be transferred to the detention center in Pacho Viejo and from there to the prison. to go. processes.

The panista-perredista unmasked that in the United States, via the law firm of Anthony Buzbee, there have been dozens of civil complaints to achieve the restoration of property that Javier Duarte and some of his employees in: Houston, Tucson, Texas, Miami, New York, Colorado and other destinations in Europe.

"This office has filed many lawsuits, hundreds of them, for infinite property bought with money from Veracruz, of course we will appear in the United States, represented by this office."

Yunes Linares complained that he received calls from the media at an early time, but also from many citizens who were "really angry" about the possibility that Javier Duarte could regain his freedom, at least to go through a criminal trial.

"They, Duarte and his band were stealing money from children, from the elderly, from pensioners, from funds that were meant to buy medicines and improve health care institutions, and they stole the money from the Universidad Veracruzana, and the resources from the municipalities. fooled the Federal Treasury and retained 17 billion pesos that they should have learned from the SAT, "he said.

Yunes Linares said he is confident that the PGR will not make the mistake of letting Javier Duarte go to trial in freedom, because he said he has the economic means to escape, just like in October last year, when he took refuge in a first moment in Chiapas and later in the volcanic paradise of Panajachel.

"You will not get freedom because there are enough elements to acknowledge your direct responsibility in this brutal eclipse of Veracruz, but on the other hand, and this is very important, we must not forget that we have announced in this room, the Office of the Attorney General of the State Veracruz managed to get the extradition request of Javier de Duarte from Guatemala to Mexico with two arrest warrants: for abuse of authority, violation of legal duty, coalition, embezzlement and influence flights, "he explained.

The president appealed that the Attorney General will soon carry out an arrest warrant for enforced disappearance, a punishment for which the ex-prosecutor, Luis Ángel Bravo, the former secretary of public security, Arturo Bermúdez Zurita, and a significant number of commanders and police of the Ministry of Public Security.

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