With Gordillo, neither resentment nor persecution: Peña Nieto

The president Enrique Peña Nieto responded to Elba Esther Gordillo, former teacher teacher, it is incorrect that his government has to deal with a political persecution against him, let alone acted with a personal grudge.

"It is simply unacceptable and unacceptable to claim that the teacher, whose career and trajectory is publicly known, the process that was faced had to do with persecution of the political order, nothing more false than that and I have no answers for those who are respected in their political rights and in what they have done.

"There has never been a personal or specific hatred for someone who was the leader of the National trade union of employees of education, "said Peña Nieto.

After a meeting of the cabinets Incoming and outgoing, in a joint conference with the elected president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the head of the federal executive power clarified that the process with which Gordillo Morales had to deal was based on elements that were prosecuted by the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Republic (PGR) and corresponds to denigrate Judicial powerwhat, he said, is autonomous, so the federal government respects it.

"For this government, the position of the teacher, to whom her political rights are respected, is irrelevant.We have had absolute respect for the process that has been followed and the denials that have taken place, and another that ultimately the judiciary of the federation, "he said.

In this respect, the president-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador He assured that if Gordillo was freed, the right to participate would be respected, but he would not hold any positions in his government.

"Teacher Elba Esther is not going to work in the next government As a citizen, in the use of her faculties, she will exercise her rights, her rights will be recognized, but no one will be out of the law At the edge of the law nothing, above the law no one, "said Lopez Obrador.

When the former leader of the teacher returned to public life, the Tabasco politician agreed to the commitment not to intervene in the internal affairs of the unions and to seek unidemocracy, that is, to hold free and fair elections.

A few weeks ago, a federal court dismissed the case that had been followed to Elba Esther Gordillo since 2013 and exempted her from the crimes of operations with funds of illegal origin and organized crime.

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