Yunes will be Ley Antimemes & # 39; pronouncing a veto in Veracruz

The governor of Veracruz, Miguel Angel Yunes Linares, announced that he will veto the law on cyber intimidation, known as antimony legislation.

After the plenary meeting of the state approved a reform of the Civil Code who imposed sanctions on those who spread abusive images or harmed their self-respect, Yunes said that this law violates freedom of expression.

The reform of the civil code was proposed by the deputy of the PAN-PRD coalition, José Kirsch Sánchez, and supported by 40 of the 50 local deputies.

however, Yunes Linares announced that it will veto the aforementioned law, because it is considered unconstitutional for violating the freedom of expression of Veracruz.

"This government was characterized by full respect for the freedom of thought and expression, for which it acted and will act in favor of encouraging the free expression of citizens' ideas, and always against censorship."

The Governor of Veracruz indicated that once the decree has been received by the Executive powerhe will send it back with observations State Congress for his appropriate study, analysis and discussion.

However, the above-mentioned law caused controversy among the legislators themselves, this reform project Civil Code he did not have a single voice against it.

The local deputy, the former PAN and now Moreno, Cinthya Amaranta Lobato Calderon, said there was "confusion" by local legislators, who "believed they voted for the adoption of federal cyberattack law."

He argued that the verdict was not spread enough time, that the law, in addition to the legislators who had composed the ruling committees, changed the document and added some points that could be dangerous for society.

The decree that adds Article 196, Chapter III Bis, with the name of cyberbullying State criminal law determines sanctions "who in any way disseminates harmful or malicious information from another person of digital communication, discloses, transmits or transmits one or more images, audiovisual recordings or texts that harm their reputation or self-respect and cause them to be influenced by psychological, family or, work or in their daily environment ".

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