A tetraplegic deprived of flies because his seat is "too heavy"

An ex-rugby player who became a quadriplegic could not board a flight from Toulouse to Dublin, because Aer Lingus could not take charge of his wheelchair because of his weight.

A holiday ruined. While he was getting ready to fly to Ireland, a passenger with a quadriplegie could not go to Toulouse airport, because his electric wheelchair was considered "too heavy", as was reported free on Tuesday afternoon.

Bastien Dal Lago, 31, has been disabled for more than ten years and has had a rugby accident. As he is used to, he had sent an e-mail a few days before his flight to Aer Lingus for electrical assistance.

Problem: his chair weighs 180 kg and the company does not support material weighing more than 120 kg … The thirty are forced to send the chair, either by freight or by plane, but completely disassembled. Impossible because it only needs to stay on the spot for six short days.

The Gersois had no choice but to cancel his flight scheduled for Thursday. He hopes to get the 450 euros that cost him return tickets for two people. But he is mainly planning to change the legislation: the former athlete has already contacted the association of paralyzed France, as reported by France 3, and plans to "continue to the end".

Posted on 22/08/2018 at 07:51

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