Private vacation. The former 31-year-old quadriplegic rugby player would fly to Ireland on Thursday. He finally heard this weekend that he would not leave, his seat would be too heavy.

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Tetraplegic 10 years after a rugby accident, Bastien Dal Lago is used to fly. With his chair he has already flown to Switzerland, Canada and the United States, says France Bleu. A few days before departure he sends a message to the airline to ask them for electrical assistance. The company responds to her when she can not take her seat. He weighs 180 kilos, the Irish company does not accept chairs with a weight of more than 120 kilos.

A fighting temperament

Aer Lingus then offers him two solutions: to disassemble the chair to separate parts and to achieve the "regulatory" weight of 120 kilos. Send the chair to Dublin by freighter. Bastien Dal Lago refuses both options and gives up his vacation. However, he plans to be reimbursed for his journey: "I have a fighting spirit," said the former rugby player at the microphone. France 3 Occitanie.