Airbus A380: the first ANA until the first flight

The first of the three Airbus A380s ordered by All Nippon Airways is out of service and the first flight will take place in the coming weeks.

All Nippon Airways has clearly committed his three air plane A380 to the very large and lucrative Hawaiian market. The devices will be dressed in different colors but will all carry the drawing representing a symbolic sea turtle of the archipelago. One of air plane A380 bears the blue of the Hawaiian air, the second the green of the crystal clear waters of the archipelago and the third the orange symbolizes the sunsets. It is a matter of visually bringing the passengers into the atmosphere of the holiday as soon as they board. A relaxed atmosphere found on board air plane A380 from All Nippon Airways with the presence of five bars, spread over two floors. Two are on a main deck that is fully dedicated to an economy class that can accommodate 383 passengers. The other three bars are located on the upper deck, each dedicated to each class: a premiere with eight suites, a Business Class of 56 berths per row of 1-2-1 and a Premium Economy of 73 seats with space. more than 96 cm between the seats. All Nippon Airways has also equipped the rear of the economy class of its Airbus A380 60-seat convertible "sofa" as the formula set up by Air New Zealand and Air Austral. Passengers can lie down with leg supports that are in line with the height of the seat cushion. Another innovation: a multipurpose room, just before the back stairs, with which mothers can change their children with maximum comfort. Finally, the cab walls and lights are designed to create a Hawaiian atmosphere: the sunrises and sunsets, the nightly skies and rainbows of this archipelago popular with Japanese families and newlyweds.

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