Cash withdrawal: Banque Populaire surpasses the 2MM DH sign

A weekend and three days of celebration were the reason for the reserves of the ATMs of the various banks of the kingdom. For its part, Banque Populaire managed to mobilize its resources and respond to its customers, reaching a new record in this period of Eid.

In addition to the five public holidays, the early settlement of the salaries of civil servants and the pensions of various pension funds have almost dried up ABM's allocations. Nevertheless, the banks had taken precautionary measures to deliver all cash dispensers in cash, Bank Al-Maghrib had made the necessary banknotes available to them.

In five days, between Friday 17 and Tuesday 21 August, Banque Populaire has registered a total of 1,933,255 recordings that are being executed on its ATM network in Morocco. A volume that corresponds to a record value of 2,153,755,700 DH, a daily average of 430,751,140 DH and an increase of 77% over a normal period (243,455,993 DH).

In anticipation of this unprecedented influx, Banque Populaire has set up an exceptional system to serve customers and users of its ATM network. A device that saw the mobilization of more than 1,000 employees throughout the Kingdom.

As a reminder, the Banque Populaire electronic banking network has 1860 ATMs spread throughout Morocco, the country's first ATM park.

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