Côte d'Ivoire struggles to export its rubber

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The entire rubber industry is threatened by the export crisis

More than 20,000 tons of rubber have been trapped in Ivory ports for several months.

All this production is currently being stored in the ports of Abidjan and San Pedro, awaiting the evacuation of shipowners to the outside.

The Association of Exporters of Natural Rubber or Ivory Coast (AEXCI) is concerned about this situation, especially because the shortage is quite important for the entire industry.

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It is estimated at 200 million CFA francs for exporters and nearly 655 million CFA francs for ship owners.

Regarding the reasons for blocking exports, Samuel Espérance Mobio, the president of the AEXCI, emphasizes that "the shipowners explain that the rubber is too wet and that the transport causes problems in the boats".

"They claim that the product is polluting boats and can contaminate other consumables."

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The AEXCI can no longer buy the rubber from producers to send it.

"Almost 50,000 tons of products were blocked, they are still 20,000 tons." Shipowners had promised that this product would be transported this week, but nothing happened, "says Mr. Mobio.

Producers are concerned about the decision of shipowners not to transport rubber, because rubber is likely to accumulate.

If this production is not kept in good condition, the losses can reduce all national production and cause the sector to fall into a larger crisis.

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Ivory Coast produces 60% of Africa's rubber and is in seventh place in the world. It reached 603,000 tons in 2017, compared with 468,000 in 2016.

The expectation for 2018 is 720,000 tons, and another 20 percent for the next three years.

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