FNSEA is at the end of tax exemptions

The FNSEA, the largest agricultural union, calls on its troops to mobilize in the autumn against the abolition of the social security exemption for seasonal workers. We have heard from the trade union that he confirmed the information from the newspaper The Opinion.

The union is planning to mobilize its troops throughout France against this budgetary orientation in the week of September 5, which will increase labor costs from January 2019 in sectors where it represents "40 to 70% of costs". farm, "Jérôme Volle, a wine grower in the Ardèche and vice president of the FNSEA, told AFP, the form that this mobilization will take is not specified.

"We will be even less competitive than we are now compared to other European countries, especially those with very low labor costs," said Volle.

For seasonal work, "today, in Spain, it is six to nine euros per hour, knowing that it is around 12 euros in France, and if we were to remove the exemptions tomorrow, we would spend 14 euros", Mr Volle predicted. afraid of company closures.

Major productions threatened according to him, fruit and vegetables (carrots, peaches, apricots, asparagus …), viticulture and horticulture.

"930,000 seasonal contracts are signed each year, which would represent an extra cost of 177 million euros", Christiane Lambert, president of the FNSEA, quoted in L & # 39; Opinion.

"We met Bercy and the Ministry of Agriculture and we have confirmed that (maintaining the exemptions) was not their priority, even though the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister have today asked the Ministry of Agriculture to see how agriculture works. it could meet our expectations and not harm the agricultural sector, but today we have no proposal, "said Mr. Volle.

This system of assistance in hiring seasonal workers, sometimes referred to as TO / DE (temporary worker / job-seeker), which provides for the exemption of a large part of employer's expenses, "enables the employee to exercise all his rights," Volle says.

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