Free school to train computer scientists arrives in Jakarta

State Secretary for Digital Mounir Mahjoubi visited Jakarta on Monday. On this occasion a meeting with his Indonesian counterparts was organized. After discussions in the field of the digital economy, a cooperation agreement between the so-called type 42 school and the Yayasan Academy is signed.

School 42 is a completely free computer training that is accessible to everyone and for which no diploma is required. Pedagogy is based on peer-to-peer, a participatory functioning based on learning by realizing projects. This school was founded in 2013 by Xavier Niel, Nicolas Sadirac, Florian Bucher and Kwame Yamgnane to meet the needs of developers in the digital industry. Since the school has opened branches in the United States, Romania, Ukraine, South Africa, Bulgaria, Moldova, Belgium, Russia and Morocco.

According to Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia needs 280,000 engineers in the next 5 years. Currently, the ratio of the number of engineers in the country per million inhabitants is considerably below the ratio of Southeast Asian countries. 2,671 engineers per million inhabitants in Indonesia, 3,333 in Malaysia and 9,037 in Vietnam. The agreement between the school 42 and the Yayasan Academy meets the expectations of the government that many computer scientists want to train. This school is the second of the same type in Indonesia, the American giant Apple opened a school of computer developers in the outskirts of Jakarta last year.

The Frenchman Charles Guinot, founder and director of the OnlinePajak company, responsible for this school, explains that anyone of 17 years old can register for the Academy, an online form will soon be available. No diploma is required, students have to pass an admission test and are assessed on the basis of their skills. The courses are taught in English, but as Charles Guinot says: "we do not refrain from translating into Indonesian." The goal is to start the first class in September 2019 with 150 students who will take a course of 3 years.

OnlinePajak is a company that has developed software that allows the payment and collection of the tax in Indonesia, the equivalent of our

Yayasan: foundation

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