In Reims, the Guerlin Bookstore reopens this Friday

A new start for the Guerlin bookstore, in Reims! The sign was known at the end of May second closure, After the financial crisis of 2014, it was brought into liquidation. This time she was taken over by the Rougier & Plé group, specializing in creative art supplies. Ten of the 16 former employees were retained.

Ready to open! - Radio France
Ready to open! © Radio France
Philippe Rey-Gorez

Everyone hopes of course that this time is the right one, starting with Caroline Maufrais, the director of Rougier and Plé.

Caroline Maufrais - Radio France
Caroline Maufrais © Radio France
Philippe Rey-Gorez

The group that counts 28 stores in Franceis not a giant, but he is still strong enough to secure the future. "The interest, compared with independent bookstores, is that the group can insure cash advances", explains Maufrais. "We also have more weight to negotiate with suppliers and obtain better purchase conditions."

Significant investment

The group devoted an investment of 600 000 euros to restart the library. If the layout of the interior and the furniture have changed little, it usually goes the stock what is this investment. Not everything has happened, some suppliers are closed in the summer, but Guerlin relies on a stock of 40,000 references, that's really important.

The layout of the place has not changed - Radio France
The layout of the building has not changed © Radio France
Philippe Rey-Gorez

Moreover, it is also an important radius of supplies for fine arts and graphic arts, core activities of the Rougé & Plé group.

The fine arts department - Radio France
The department for fine arts © Radio France
Philippe Rey-Gorez

Help for employees

In any case, for the ten former employees who are adventurers, it is a pleasure to get back to work. Amongst them Stephanie, who has been working there for 23 years. She acknowledges that the last weeks before closure were difficult: "There were highlights, there were very low, and I hope it will be very, very high!"

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