Increased passenger traffic at Moroccan airports

Air traffic growth increased again in July, according to figures from the National Airport Authority (ONDA).
"The airports of the kingdom registered in July 2018, an air traffic volume of 2,089,194 passengers compared to 1,972,396 hosted in July 2017, an increase of + 5.92% over the same period of the year 2017," said the public institution responsible for airports and air traffic control in Morocco.
Passenger air traffic data at Mohammed V airport, representing 46.9% of total traffic, showed a growth rate of + 2.89% in July compared to the same period of 2017.
This rate corresponds to 981,589 passengers welcomed during this month against 954,050 registered the same month of the previous year.
On the side of the airports of Marrakech Menara and Agadir Al Massira, the analyzed figures show that their growth was double-digit, with respective growth rates of + 15.93% and + 29.91%.
It should be noted that Fez airport registered an air traffic volume of 108,962 passengers in the same month, which represents a growth of about 3.27%.
With only 115,412 passengers welcomed in July, Tangiers Airport recorded a decrease of -4.94% compared to the same period of 2017.
It should be noted that the cumulative passenger traffic registered during the first seven months of 2018 increased by 11.82% and stood at +12.554 million against 11.227 million for the same period in 2017.
With 208,037 passengers compared with 191,354 in the same period last year, domestic traffic showed an increase of + 8.72%.
With regard to international commercial traffic, which represents 90.4% of total traffic, it stood at +1.881 million passengers compared to 1.771 million in July 2017, an increase of + 5.62%.
"This increase in international air traffic is mainly due to growth in the European segment (+ 6.59%), which is also the case for the two Americas, + 18.14% for North America and + 17.10% for South America, the Africa segment showed a slight increase of 1.76%, "the firm explains.
With regard to the markets in the Middle and Far East and those of the Maghreb countries, the ONDA recorded a decrease of -2.8% and -0.06% respectively.
Side of the traffic movements of aircraft shows that during the month of July 2018 there were 17,414 aircraft movements, which corresponds to an increase of + 3.13% compared to the same period of the past year.
In this segment, the Office noted that the share of the Mohammed V airport was 47.39% of this traffic, Marrakech Menara 15.25% and Agadir Al Massira 8.54%.
In a commentary on the air cargo figures, ONDA indicated that it had experienced an increase of 26.68% during the month of July 2018 in the same period of the previous year.
Indeed, these data show that in July 2018 air freight registered approximately 8,034 tonnes compared to 6,342 tonnes in July of the previous year.
As far as the structure of international air routes is concerned, the Orly axis of Mohammed V-Paris remains at the top of the top 5 with 65,961 frequencies registered in July 2018, or 3.51%. It is ahead of the Mohammed V-Paris-CDG axis with 48,551 frequencies, which corresponds to a 2.58% share.
The Orly axis Marrakech-Paris with 47,396 frequencies (2.52%) is the third step on the podium. It is followed by the Agadir-Paris-Orly and Mohammed V-Montreal axis with 37,071 frequencies (1.97%) and 36,277 (1.93%) respectively.

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