inwi achieves a speed record

The operator evolves its network from 4G to 4.5G and has achieved the remarkable speed of 1 Gigabit / s, which corresponds to the best world standards that the 4.5 g.

In order to achieve this, in-house relied on one of its technology partners, Huawei, to implement the MIMO 4 * 4 mass plywood technology and the next-generation network functions. Such an speed will further liberate the use of both individuals and companies. For example, you can download a 26 Gigabit 4K movie in less than 30 seconds, play online and enjoy full-HD streaming, take into account telemedicine applications in health centers, distance learning and more. many other applications.

After being the first operator to offer 4G at national level, Inwi continues its dynamism with this technological innovation, which is part of its strategy to provide Internet for everyone and to support the increasing use ofinternet for all resident customers, private or business.

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