Tata stops producing the cheapest car in the world

by Rachid Al Arbi 20/08/2018 at 21.19 hours

Nano Tata

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Kiosque360. It's over for Tata & # 39; s Nano. The production of the cheapest car in the world will be stopped this summer. A target error causes the error.

It is certainly the most resounding flop of the car world. The Nano of Tata Automobile probably did not find any fanciers. Or actually hardly: 3 copies have been sold worldwide since the beginning of the year. To the point of pushing the builder stopped production this summer. The echo & # 39; s as well Le Figaro allocate an important place to the cheap vehicle (1,500 euros) that would have revolutionized the world of the car.

Launched in 2008, Tata Nano was touted as the cheapest car in the world. She did not have, like the recall actions Le FigaroNo heating or ventilation, much less airbargs and was equipped with a small engine of two cylinders that even 40 horses do not develop. Nevertheless, it was potentially important. Indeed, the Indian manufacturer had gambling on the low purchasing power of the Indians to sell his vehicle which he estimated was able to sell 1 million per year. This was not the case because the turnover in the first 30 months reached barely 100,000 and in 2012 did not exceed 75,000 units after a slight face-lift. Since then it is the hecatomb.

If one of the causes of this commercial failure has manifested itself in the few technical problems of its beginnings, it is really its marketing position that has accelerated its fall. The car that was presented at the launch as the cheapest in the world quickly became the car of the poor. This formed a rejection element of the Indian consumer. Tata seems to have missed his target with Nano. The echo & # 39; s Considers that the vehicle would have been successful in Europe if it had been introduced as originally planned.

By Rachid Al Arbi

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