The AFCM denies the existence of a shortage of school notepads

theThe Moroccan Society of Notebook Manufacturers on Saturday denied the existence of a shortage of textbooks and noted that local producers cover the national need for notebooks on a regular and consistent basis.

After the publication of slanderous information that tends to mislead Moroccan public opinion, the AFCM said in a statement that "there is no shortage of school notepads", with the emphasis that "so far, the traffic of all outlets is assured and the local producers cover the national needs in notebooks in a regular and constant way ".

The association said that "although the World Paper Court has increased by 40%, from 760 euros in January to 1,050 euros per ton at the end of June 2018, the impact of this increase on the price of the notebook on the Moroccan market is insignificant and is below the price of inputs. "She also explained that there is no causal link between the imposition of anti-dumping measures by the Moroccan government and the price increase of the notebook, and states that" the consumer should not be cheated. "Moroccan who has the opposite insinuates.

In the first half of 2018, Morocco continued to import Tunisian notepads, the AFCM added, noting that the official statistics of the Moroccan foreign exchange office reported the import of 5,000 tons of Tunisian notepads.

"The Morocco Notebook Manufacturers & # 39; Association continues and will continue to work to cover the full national need in a regular, sufficient and at the best price," added the source.

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