"The cheapest car in the world" is a failure

In January 2008, during the New Delhi Auto Expo, Tata made the news with the presentation of the Nano. A vehicle that is nothing special on paper: no airbags, no heating, no ventilation, space for four people (by tightening a little), a small two-cylinder engine that does not have the 40 horses. Its importance was first and foremost in its price: 100,000 rupees, the equivalent of 1,500 euros, the Nano would flood the Indian market, and … the world. Unfortunately for the manufacturer nothing happened as expected for the cheapest car on the market.

Sales have never been on the agreement of Tata & # 39; s hope. In 2011, the builder only sold 9,000 units. The following year, thanks to a new version, 75,000 models are sold. But this pace is falling sharply: in 2016 only 400 models were distributed. And since the beginning of this year, the manufacturer has sold three. Tata had the hope to sell 30,000 every year, but the results are incomparable. Tata stops producing her small car, only executing orders.

The reason for the failure of the Nano is simple: nobody in India wanted the car from the arms & # 39; to afford. The middle class is looking for more luxury vehicles, because they prefer bicycles or tricycles for a low income. The cheap car market is not lost for everyone: Renault has had great ambitions since the launch of the Kwid a few years ago.

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