The extraordinary adventure of the Zapp family – 28/08/2018

The Zapp family continues the adventure. / Photo DDM J-C.D

The Zapp family continues the adventure. / Photo DDM J-C.D

Received by Xavier Besnard, the Zapp family consisting of Hermann and Candelaria and their four children, the 14-year-old Pampa, the 12-year-old Tehue, the 9-year-old Paloma and the 8-year-old Wallaby are world travelers who came to visit Varen (82 ). Hermann and Candelaria are from Argentina. They started their journey in January 2000 to fulfill their childhood dream. They embarked on the adventure through South America and then discover North America in Alaska.

A Graham-Paige from 1928 that serves as a mobile home and rolls up to 50 km / h. She is a bit of a star of adventure because she attracts curiosity contacts and of course photo's.

Their project would last only six months and lasted four years, during which their first Pampa son was born in 2003 in San Francisco. But the travel fever remained strong and intact. They eventually traveled the 5 continents with Asia, Australia, Indonesia, Africa and at the moment Europe is 400 000 km on the counter of the old lady. The family grew during this trip. Tehue, Paloma and Wallaby are born. At the moment six people travel through Europe via France to Italy, Greece and Spain. Hermann has written a book that tells their incredible adventure in explaining the philosophy of the whole family. "Make your dream come true", by selling this book they can travel. "The more people buy from me, the more we can travel," says Hermann. They also thank everyone who swings with them or offers accommodation like Xavier did in Varen. At the moment they drive on the roads of the Tarn with a passage through Cordes-sur-Ciel and Vaour before they leave for Italy. We will continue to follow them in Europe and elsewhere, especially for the return one day in South America, which will bring them back to their starting point in Argentina within a few years.

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