The griffon vulture spreads its wings in Sindibad Park

Since the beginning of the year, Sindibad Park has launched new attractions that continue to invest in what makes it special, namely the vast animal park with exotic species from Africa, Asia or Madagascar. .

Sindibad Park has just built a new aviary that will house one of the largest birds in Africa and Europe: the tawny vulture.

Large birds of prey with long, broad wings up to almost three meters wide, are tawny color and his square, dark tail makes him particularly recognizable. He lives in colonies in southern Europe and Morocco on high plateaus and cliffs between 200 and 1600 meters above sea level. The Griffon Vulture can fly high and over long distances and, thanks to its penetrating view, has the opportunity to float a long flight in search of cadavers. This is where his sinister reputation comes from: an ace-eating species, this imposing bird feeds exclusively on carcasses of dead animals and the threatening aspect makes it even more intriguing.

The establishment of this aviary coincides with the International Vulture Awareness Day. This day, established on September 2 of each year, emphasizes the important role of vultures, some of which are threatened with extinction. So this Sunday a specific information stand will be installed for the aviary of Sindibad Park and visitors will get all the information to make them aware of the need to protect this imposing volatility.

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