The infrastructure will be equipped with General Electric gas engines

Power supply to the Great Mosque of Algiers

theThe energy supply of the Great Mosque of Algiers is provided by four Jenbacher gas engines from General Electric (GE).

This was announced by the American company that was active in Algeria in a statement that was made public yesterday. According to the same source, the four engines are supplied by Clarke Energie, distribution partner of this GE equipment.

"Clarke Energy will deliver the four Jenbacher J320 gas engines from GE to the Djamaâ El Djazaïr trigeneration plant under construction in Mohammadia, near Algiers", reads in this document.

Clarke Energy, adds the same source, has signed an agreement with the Turkish subcontractor AE Arma-Elektropanç for the delivery of four Jenbacher J320 gas engines for this project.

According to the same document, the equipment will supply the mosque with electricity, heat and cold "Reliable, efficient and with low carbon emissions".

"The natural gas retention facility provides 4.25 megawatts (MW) of electricity, 4.3 MW of heat in the winter and 3.5 MW to produce 6 MW of chilled water in the summer.

During the hot summer months in Algeria, the heat from the gas engines will be converted into chilled water by three absorption cooling machines. Cold water will then be used in the construction of air-conditioning systems. In winter, the system will use the engine heat to heat the complex, " says General Electric.

"We are pleased to support the development of Djamaâ El Djazaïr by providing GE's Jenbacher gastrigeneration technology. to enable the mosque to produce electricity, heat and cold without being dependent on the local network ", explains the company.

GE & # 39; s Jenbacher gas engines have been distributed by Clarke Energy in North Africa since 2008 when they were founded in Tunisia. In 2011 the company started its activities in Algeria.

"There are currently 60 MW GE-Jenbacher gas engines in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco in various applications, including captive energy for industry, capture gas and biogas from waste, fuel and gas., the company recalls.

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