The market place of Nantes Trusted people fight against the bad plans of the web

In the meantime, the Trusted People marketplace will propose to owners of leased property to take over the payment of the rent through its platform. must let people talk, said Nicolas Davoust, Ceo and co-founder of the startup created in June 2014 Nantes, with Enguerrand Army, community manager and Ulric Le Grand, a pro crowdfunding pass by the Banque Populaire du Grand Ouest. A three family in the neighborhood, so.

Four years after its establishment, the classified site responds to its values: honesty, goodwill and solidarity. In short, trust.

What a landlord fears, must first be paid, then the damage and ultimately the noise. By giving them access to a network of selected customers, you can reassure them he explains.

For the tenant, who has also shown a white paw: the benefit costs him 6% of the rental shown, all costs included. On the other hand no guarantee will be requested. It weighed heavily on the costs of the tenant for whom it will be a real boost. And anyway, the owner could not really use these funds he says. Except they make fructifier …

Sponsoring, synonymous with trust

Against the flow of a large majority of internet sites that depend on quantity, the Nantes platform prefers to play the quality of the relationship. Hence a particular recruitment method that one

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