The morning – GAB not in order, what really happened

Social networks have been lit up in the last 48 hours and have reported a headache from citizens who criticize banks for not providing their banknotes (ATMs) enough banknotes for this long vacation period. It must be acknowledged that all conditions exist to allow ATMs to be stormed by citizens. First of all, the salaries of civil servants and the pensions of the pensioners of CNSS and CIMR, which were paid in advance to enable them to buy the sheep from Eid. Then, the estimated displacement of more than 200,000 employees and traders to other cities to celebrate the Feast of Sacrifice together with their family, for security reasons, chooses not to withdraw money and count (it is the case to say)) money take on the spot at an ATM, once arrived at the destination. Finally, the 6-day accumulation followed by a work stoppage, in view of the coincidence of the weekend with the anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the people, the Youth Festival and the two days of Eid Al-Adha.
To be sure, we made contact with Ismaïl Filali, Executive Director responsible for Group Services and Processes, who manages the ATM activities in the Attijariwafa bank.

Le Matin: What special arrangements have you made to respond to customer requests to withdraw cash from bank counters during these holidays?
Ismail Filali:
Conscious of the particularity of this period of Eid, which coincided this year with our national holidays, the Attijariwafa bank has set up an accurate device that has been prepared four weeks in advance. It was characterized by very high feed rates of ATMs, especially the last two weeks. It also resulted in maximum power supplies for all ATMs between August 15 and August 17, ensuring optimum availability, especially during the weekend of August 18 and 19. He also saw the exceptional mobilization of more than 450 people in the bank throughout Morocco during the holidays of August 20 to ensure a good level of ticket holders at our ATMs. Our internal teams at the Casablanca headquarters, through a permanent management unit and through the branch networks, as well as our service providers / partners, are and will be fully mobilized to provide customers with the best possible service. to non-customers.

What then explains the cases of dissatisfaction reported by carriers that could not be served, particularly the last day before assistance?
Some customers may be dissatisfied with the availability of their traditional ATMs, but it is worth noting that ATM ATMs from Attijariwafa are exceptionally good for service and recording. During the week of August 13, and especially during the days of Thursday 17 to Tuesday 21, the volumes have recorded recordings on a regular basis and each day reaches levels that are about three times as high as those of a normal day. We have also successfully serviced 1 million 650,000 carriers on these days, of which half a million (1/3 of the recordings) are not customers of our bank. This is a source of pride for the Attijariwafa bank, because it is a civic duty on the eve of the Eid festivities. There were also very large levels of withdrawal, probably related to certain customer behaviors that cost more than needed, for fear of missing them, which could affect the ability to serve well. the following customers.
In all cases, the provisions are permanent and are continued to ensure the availability of our counters. Even with this exceptional influx of customers and non-customers, Attijariwafa bank continues on Tuesday, August 21 to provide 810 ATMs to all cardholders in Morocco for inclusion. The teams at the Casablanca headquarters and the bank's branch network are all mobilized to keep this number or even improve it if possible.

What lessons can we draw from this experience?
We are proud that we have been able to anticipate to a large extent the very exceptional needs of customers and non-customers with cards and that we have mobilized so many essential resources from our bank, even during holidays, to reach the maximum number of citizens. We will continue to work to best meet the expectations of customers and non-customers during these special days. That said, such experiences reinforce the conviction of all stakeholders to further promote card payments and mobile payments as a real alternative to money handling.

Interviewed by L.M.

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