The Peugeot 208 electric private of specific design

The current generation Peugeot 208 is approaching the fateful age of seven, which usually means the end of a car's life. It will therefore be replaced without delay by a completely new model, which is likely to be presented in the spring of 2019. First presented with thermal motors, the new opus will be dropped in full electric version.

According to British journalists, electrical 208 will faithfully resume the lines of its thermal sisters. The only real noticeable difference should be at the front, where the grille, useless on an electric car, should disappear. The lion builder would also change the menu's of the multimedia system and perhaps change the instrumentation in detail, but would not go any further.

It will be necessary to consider the electric 208 as a simple variant of the city car, and not as a model in itself. Perhaps motivated by financial constraints, this choice complicated the lives of engineers responsible for the development of the car, who had to carry out extensive work in the field of sound insulation. Their mission was to eliminate – or at least reduce – rolling noise – which is unpleasant for a thermal car, but potentially painful for an electric car.

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"We are not planning to launch a specific sub-brand for electricity at the moment"said Gilles Vidal, the leader of the lion style. Peugeot therefore opts for a strategy that is totally different from that of Volkswagen, which develops a whole series of ID's that are composed of electrically specific design.

The Peugeot 208 "0-emission" will be based on the so-called eCMP platform, developed by PSA and its Chinese partner Dongfeng. The Sochaux brand has not yet provided its technical data, but has previously indicated that the models built on the eCMP are displayed "driving autonomy up to 450 km"and that they will propose "Charging ultra-fast charging solutions with a battery life of up to 12 km per minute".

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