Uniqlo launches its ecological shopping bag!

Admittedly, if you like fashion, there is still a way to go before it becomes more ecological and responsible. If we know that the textile industry is one of the most polluting, there is still a way to go … not to mention another plague that is less talked about: the plastic shopping bags that we get at every counter. We collect these bags, which we do not know what we have to do and which we often use only once. Uniqlo decided to put an end to these pollution bags for single use through an idea that has more respect for the environment: replace them with an ecological and reusable bag. A great initiative that will be implemented on Friday 24 August in all Uniqlo stores in Europe and online.

Limit the pollution of the oceans

A bit like supermarkets that have removed their plastic bags for single use since July 2016, Uniqlo has decided to change the consumption habits of fashionistas. Instead, you can have just bought your clothes an Ecolo bag, made from 82% recycled materials after consumption (RPET). manufactured of 6 bottles of water for single use, it avoids 600,000 plastic bottles that are dumped in the oceans. Knowing that a plastic bottle needs 450 years to degrade, the figures are cold in the back …

"We are determined to reduce our impact on the environment for a cleaner, healthier future." Each Uniqlo Eco bag prevents six plastic bottles from ending up in oceans, lakes, and landfills, which is certainly a small step, but it brings us all the right direction ", explained in a statement Maria Samoto Dous, head of development at Uniqlo Europe.

The goal of Uniqlo is to completely replace existing bags with this new, greener model by 2020 in all its stores. Sold at a price of € 1.90, the Eco Bag will be offered for a limited period and for any purchase of more than € 60. Customers who present the bag at the box office are entitled to a discount of 20 cents. A more symbolic sum than anything else, but that encourages the movement.

The Japanese brand had already taken a first step towards a more responsible fashion with the program "Uniqlo recycles"who offers to bring back clothing that they do not want to use in the store, so that they are then distributed to people in need.

If we now have to think about returning his bag when we go shopping, we thank this initiative that reduces our impact on the environment. And why not use this bag in all stores where you are going to use, and kindly refuse other short-term bags?

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