World CleanUp Day 2018, Coca-Cola Morocco takes stock of the 2018 edition

On the occasion of the World CleanUp Day 2018, which will be celebrated on Saturday 15 September, Coca-Cola Morocco will take stock of the 2018 edition of the "Coca-Cola J & # 39; aime ma plage" operation.

An operation aimed at protecting the ocean by collecting beach waste but also sensitizing holidaymakers to the problem of waste and ecogests that must be maintained to protect the environment

In line with the worldwide initiative of The Coca-Cola Company entitled "World Without Waste" – "World Without Waste" Casablanca, September 14, 2018 – Every year millions of tons of waste enter the oceans and threaten life in the sea and natural ecosystems. In response to this global problem and the danger this poses for the environment, The Coca-Cola Company announced in 2018 its commitment to a global initiative called "A World Without Waste" – "World Without Waste". The announced objective is to collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle or can globally by 2030. The Coca-Cola system, consisting of the company's subsidiaries and their bottling partners in the 200 country where Coca-Cola is present, to tackle this global problem through various promising programs. Coca-Cola Morocco and its bottler SBGS (Society of Soft Drinks or Souss) were forerunners by setting up the "Coca-Cola I love my beach" operation, which takes place today at its 8th edition. With the goal of cleaning the beaches and making the public aware of the respect for the environment, the Coca-Cola I love my beach operation takes place this year on more than six beaches, mainly south of the Kingdom, but also in the center via the NABC (North Africa Bottling Company) bottler from the beginning of July until the end of August.

The operation involved the beaches of Mehdia (Kenitra) and Zenata (Grand Casablanca). To motivate holidaymakers, the big innovation this year was offering a bottle of Coca-Cola in exchange for three empty PET bottles. This operation was a great success with young people who enjoyed participating in this friendly initiative that enabled them to combine business with pleasure. The operation "Coca-Cola I love my beach" has again recorded impressive figures this year: more than 200 bins installed, 10,000 rubbish bags filled and more than 50,000 people sensitized … More than 110 tons of waste collected since the beginning of the operation on the southern beaches and a first assessment of

15 tons of waste collected in the central area.

"Through this operation, the Coca-Cola system in Morocco aims to support the coastal communities to provide vacationers and the local population with clean and inviting beaches, but above all to contribute to the conservation of beaches and oceans by collecting water and waste. The initiative is intended to inform and inform vacationers about the issue of waste through educational materials and fun activities, "said Loubna Sabir, Director of Public Affairs, Communication and Sustainable Development at Coca-Cola Morocco.

Indeed, "Coca-Cola I love my beach" aims at real citizens' awareness, and encourages them to adopt eco-tests that will, in the long term, sustainably serve the environment, including the beaches.

Recruited and trained by the partners in the field, almost eighty young people animate the operation. They do daily tours to use garbage cans and clean up the waste blocks that are sorted and upgraded as much as possible. They are also the ecological messengers & # 39; the intended beaches and their role is to provide a real environmental education for summer vacationers through a didactic approach aimed at the environmental consequences of waste on the beach.

Loubna Sabir also recalled that this operation was part of a global commitment by the company entitled "A world without waste": "It is estimated that every minute 80 to 120 tons of waste ends up at sea – a plague that gallops around the world, but also in Morocco.To tackle this, the company and its bottlers around the world have set themselves the ambitious goal of helping to collect and recycle the equivalent of each bottle or can be sold by 2030. This is the commitment Waste Free World "this year taken by The Coca-Cola

Company. Operation Coca-Cola I love my beach, initiated a few years ago, is in line with this commitment. "Finally, the Coca-Cola System initiative in Morocco over the period 2012-2018 amounted to more than 400 days of cleaning and awareness raising. nearly 200 young beach leaders were mobilized, more than 1,200 bins were deployed, and nearly 68,000 bags of waste collected more than 560 tons in total.These editions made more than 285,000 people sensitized thanks to the joint efforts of the Coca-Cola system in Morocco and his partners.

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