Adriana Karembeu is mother for the first time of a small Nina

Adriana Karembeu, May 16, 2018, at the Stade de France. – ISA HARSIN / SIPA

"Our little princess Nina was born on the 17th of August at 3.19 pm, 3.285 kg, 54 cm I did not know we could love so much Pure happiness!", Familiar with our colleagues & # 39; s Paris Match, the 46-year-old mother who gave birth at the Princess Grace hospital in Monaco. It is the first child for it
Adriana Karembeu and her husband, the Armenian businessman Aram Ohanian.

The former model, which has since become a TV host, has given her more than 30,000 Instagram fans, almost all of her pregnancy. Date of her last message: six days ago, more or less the day of her delivery.

She said in Paris Match in 2017 that she had miscarried in 2016: "In the following months I could not meet a pregnant woman or a baby without feeling the tears in my eyes, I really want to be a mother, which is not the thing. When I was younger, my husband and I will try to become parents one last time, and if this attempt fails again, we'll start with an approval procedure. "

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