Booba and Kaaris rappers released and placed under judicial supervision

The two artists were taken into pre-trial detention since their fight at Orly airport on 1 August.

Booba and Kaaris are out of prison on Thursday. The two rappers were placed in pre-trial detention in September in anticipation of their trial for fighting in a terminal at Orly airport on 1 August. They were released after the decision of the Paris Court of Appeal.

The French rap star Booba, 41, left the Fleury-Mérogis prison (Essonne) shortly before 19.00, while Kaaris, 38, left his cell in Fresnes (Val-de-Marne) a little earlier in the afternoon AFP learned from their lawyers .

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The two brothers who are enemies of French rap must be placed under judicial supervision, the court of appeal of Paris ruled. Booba and Kaaris, who can not leave the French territory, have to hand in a deposit of 30,000 euros and have no contact with each other.

A decision greeted by lawyers

Booba is "relieved" by this decision, said his lawyer Yann le Bras, before the prison of Fleury-Mérogis where the rapper was imprisoned. The heavy weight of French rap will "blow (…) and see what the possible agenda is for resuming his professional activity, both for concerts and the direction of Unkut", his clothing brand, added the l lawyer after a conversation with his client in the salon.

The decision to release them, contrary to the arguments of the Advocate General who had requested the constant detention of all defendants, was greeted by the lawyers of the two rappers immediately after the hearing.

"It is a decision that should have been taken on 3 August", date of detention in pre-trial detention by the court of Créteil, had initially informed Me Yann Le Bras, the lawyer of Booba, that he was satisfied that the Court of Appeal "understood the reality of this case". "It is a matter of violence, which has not hurt anyone but the protagonists, it is back to what it is," he added at the end of the hearing.

The lawyer of Kaaris, Yassine Yakouti, had praised "the application of the law". "Today it is important that Kaaris and his friends can join their families and prepare the test quietly".

Up to ten years in prison

The court also ordered the release and judicial release of the eight relatives of the rappers who had participated in the collective fight in Orly and who had also called in their pre-trial detention. The measures of judicial review are the same for all defendants, except for the relationship that only applies to the two rappers. All have to give up their passports.

The two rivals had challenged their pre-trial detention on Monday before the Paris Court of Appeal, following a first refusal by the court of Créteil. The two rappers, aged 41 and 38, both regretted their regret and promised to be "flawless". "It is necessary to give back to this file its proper relationship", and to forget the "personalities" of the two defendants, had supported me Yassine Yakouti, the lawyer of Kaaris.

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Moreover, Booba was noticeable the day after this hearing after posting a message on Twitter. "If I am big, I would like to be Benalla or a pedophile monk," the rapper had said ironically enough to condemn the difference in treatment with other cases.

On September 6th Right through the court of Créteil for heavy violence and theft in a meeting with destruction in a place of access to public transport, Booba and Kaaris are faced with a prison sentence of up to ten years.

An even greater rivalry

On 1 August, the two rappers and their closest guards, under the gaze of other passengers, had fought in a terminal at Orly airport. This caused delays on different flights and resulted in various complaints, including those of Air France and Aéroports de Paris.

In custody the two men have continually rejected the responsibility for the fight. "He stared at me, a bit provocative," Booba told the researchers. He wanted to bypass his rival & # 39; but got shots, "and then he was gone." Kaaris said for his part that he was insulted – "get upset" – by one of Booba's family before the fight broke out.

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This latest version is supported by video surveillance, according to researchers: we see Booba coming from the control zone "with a certain step", dropping his bag on the ground and "continuing to move" with one of his relatives to Kaaris, who eventually retires " to stay at a distance, "they remark.

The two artists have been feeding an increased rivalry for years. Former Kaaris mentor – he started his career by inviting him to the job Kalach -, Booba criticizes him, including remarks about the Skyrock antenna in 2014. Kaaris makes sure that everything started on the day he refused two other Boobas to insult rivals. Since then, the two rappers have been downloaded via social networks and video's, until this fight one afternoon at Orly airport.

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