Death of the British choreographer and mime Lindsay Kemp

Lindsay Kemp Lindsay Kemp, born in May 1938 in Great Britain, studied at the Bearwood College near Wokingham and attended the Bradford Art College, which students Hilde Holger and Marcel Marceau mimte. He started to become famous in the 1960s with his first dance company and a show called "Flowers". "I produced it with 500 pounds inherited from an aunt," he said years later, according to the La Repubblica newspaper website.

"It is a monument of emotions that disappears"

It first attracted the attention of the public at the Edinburgh Festival in 1968. Kate Bush and David Bowie were his students. At the beginning of the seventies he taught at the Dance Center in Floral Street, Covent Garden. Celebrities for the general public stem from his collaboration with David Bowie in the show Ziggy Stardust, at concerts in 1972.

"When an artist like Lindsay Kemp dies, it is a monument of emotions that vanishes, a courageous and revolutionary maker", commented on Twitter the actor and the Italian director Alessandro Gassmann.

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