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A young Congolese rapper, Bob Elvis Masudi, against President Joseph Kabila, will be presented three days before the presentation of his new album & Anti-Mediocrity & # 39; missing in the Democratic Republic of Congo, AFP learned Saturday from his retinue.

"Bob Elvis Masudi has been missing since he was on his way to his producer's house in preparation for the release of his new album" Anti-Mediocrity, "Willy Kanyinda, his country's spokesman, told AFP's musical group." family has not seen him since Wednesday night, his phone is not over, he has a hitch of social networks that are no longer connected. Hence our concern, "added Kanyinda.

To the question of AFP, the Chief of the Kinshasa, General Sylvano Kasongo said: "Surprised by this case", relayed by the media. "No one in his family or relatives reported his disappearance to the police," said the officer.

New album

The rapper, a displaced DRC (1998-2003) who fled with his family from the east of the country, presented his new album with a song called "Dégage", whose excerpts are widely shared on social networks.

In this song we can hear the voice of the archbishop of Kinshasa, Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo who states: "It is time for the mediocre to come", after the suppression of an anti-Kabila march on December 31, 2017 in the appeal of a group of Catholics, in which six people are killed.

Bob Elvis also composed a song in honor of a pro-democracy activist Rossy Tshimanga killed in Kinshasa on February 25 during a march to the appeal of the same group of Catholics.

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