From "Sofia" to "Rafiki": 4 films to watch in September 2018

Every month, the editorial staff of Artistik Rezo chooses for you the 4 films that must absolutely be discovered in cinemas. An eclectic selection, composed of works that make the event and pearls more unknown.

1) Sofia, by Meryem Benm & # 39; Barek (5 September)
Last year, the Tunisian Kaouther Ben Hania delivered The beauty and the suit, a story as impressive as imperfect of the night of horror experienced by a young woman victim of rape. In 2018 another filmmaker from the Maghreb will join forces with a strong and feminist film: the Moroccan Meryem Benm & Barek, whose Sofia impressed the Un Certain Regard jury in 2018, which awarded him the script prize. This is the story of the more than chaotic journey of a young woman who ended up as a single mother after she denied the pregnancy. An illegal situation in Morocco, where hospital staff Sofia appears to deliver the papers of his child's father in 24 hours, otherwise it will be delivered to the authorities. A strong, poignant film about the plight of women in general and young mothers in particular.

2) Thunder RoadJim Cummings (September 12th)
This was the great discovery of ACID 2018. Thunder Road was first a short 10-minute film in which a man expressed his mother's praise in unexpected and unpredictable ways. The same sequence shot has been completely re-done by Cummings as an introduction to his feature film, the sequel of which is also crazy and stunning. The ubiquitous on the screen, the jack-of-all offers a legendary service in the police deprived of his parental rights. Clean indescribable, Thunder Road is certainly one of the most incredible surprises of the year, a unique object that no one can leave indifferent.

3) The shadow of Emily, by Paul Feig (26th September)
A new turn for Paul Feig? After shone thanks to the series Freaks and geeksThe writer-director then turned to female comedy, not to say feminist. My best friends, The Flingueux, spy, Ghostbusters : Feig is already at the head of a film of thunder, by which he has enabled large actresses to fully express their comical genius. This time the whole is much less comical, since then The shadow of Emily is an extremely serious investigation, led by a woman incarnated by Anna Kendrick, who is looking for her best friend disappeared (Blake Lively) and finally realized that she knew much less than she believed. A mysterious, elegant and profound film that shows that Paul Feig has all the talents.

4) Rafiki, from Wanuri Kahiu (26th September)
It is only the story of two young women who love each other. In 2018 this should be flexible, but unfortunately homophobia continues to gangrene-romantic relationships, here as elsewhere. Rafiki takes place in Kenya, where male homosexuality is still illegal and female homosexuality is far from being accepted. Political pressure (one of the heroines is the daughter of a candidate for a local election in the city of Nairobi) and the weight of religion comes mainly to put a spanner in the wheels of this love, so beautiful, so pure, that must be able to flourish in broad daylight. Colorful, almost pop, director Wanuri Kahiu's film is not perfect, but it condemns with fervor and lyricism how hatred and prejudice destroy everything, even the most beautiful.

Lucile Bellan

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