Hermès – Women's Collection Spring / Summer 2019 in Paris

Art Director: Nadège Vanhee Cybulski Location: Racecourse Longchamp. Play of reflections with a mirror structure that runs along the stage. Collection: a sleek, elegant wardrobe, with leitmotiv leather. Fishnet leather for a feeling of freshness and lightness. Soft earthy colors are created by strips of neon orange, electric blue or bright red. Summer dresses are transformed into grooms apron dresses, knotted rope. The Hermès girl wanders over the sand in her shorts, in Saharan dress, waisted top and full skirt. Focus on: the shoulders and the back revealed, tied to the curled bands or strung. And the many bags, buckets, soft, mini, hurled. Parade music (use only in the context of the parade, under cover of the right to information)

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