Johnny Depp in a lawsuit against his lawyers, he wins a nice victory

Johnny Depp has hit the headlines lately! Since his divorce with Amber Heard in 2016, the actor is often spoken on the Internet, but not necessarily for the best reasons. Recently, Johnny Depp was accused of hitting a technician during a shoot, and in reaction the star claimed his innocence. But for now it is another test that interests the media! After suing his ex-managers, the Jack Sparrow interpreter attacked the law firm that represented him since 1999. He accuses them of having illegally received more than 50 since that date. millions of dollars, while no written contract allowed them. Jake Bloom, the actor's former lawyer, responded by saying that they had an oral contract and argued that the star continued to use his services.

But luckily for Johnny Depp, the judge responsible for the case issued a verdict in his favor! Ordinary contracts do indeed have no value in California and Johnny Depp should receive several tens of millions of dollars at the end of this trial. As the Gala website reports, Johnny Depp's current lawyer celebrated the news in a statement in which he said the case might motivate other artists to demand accountability: "This decision is a victory for Mr. Depp, but the most important thing is that it sends a clear message to the legal sector that the laws also apply to them. The industry habits used in Hollywood in decades to profit from artists are not legally binding. Johnny Depp defended all artists in Hollywood and won. this decision must lead to a positive change ". Johnny Depp, whose health would not be better, can be relieved!

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