Kev Adams in Gaumont for Alad August 26th

theThe new adventures of Aladdin follow on the screens, three years after the release of the first film. The story of this Iraqi hero can be seen on Sunday 26 August at the Gaumont cinema. Always a small thief, it is more of a real prince that we discover in Kev Adams, in the leading role.

Surprising appearances

As the first feature film by Aladdin's New Adventures in 2015 was directed by Arthur Benzaquen, this new opus is the work of Lionel Steketee. The latter will be present accompanied by Kev Adams in room 1 of the Gaumont of Amiens during the premiere of the film. This light comedy is infused with the humor of iconic actors like Jamel Debbouze, Eric Judor or Ramzy Bedia. Not to mention the secret appearances of Gerard Depardieu, Bigflo & Oli and many others. This popular comedy brings a breath of fresh air through life. Funny, effective, it should please the youngest. Rare are the second games that compete with the first, Alad & # 39; 2 is perhaps the exception …

The exchanges between the character Jean-Pierre, played by Jean-Paul Rouve, and Shah Zaman, played with talent by Jamel Debbouze, are a real treat. Short replicas, but effective, which are elsewhere in the credits.

For Emilie Guillard, director of the Gaumont cinema, undoubtedly: Alad & # 39; 2 will surprise the audience. "
The first film was a great success. I think that this will also fill the rooms. He is funny and refreshing, nice to see with family. "

Three years ago, Kev Adams had come to Gaumont to present his new role of Aladin with William Lebghil, who played the role of Khalid, and director Arthur Benzaquen. This time he will do two sessions of exchanges with the public, the first after the session at 6:15 PM, the second before the screening at 8:30 PM.

Elise Dubourg

Practical information
: Reservation required on the Gaumont site. Only 150 places left to date. The film will play from 3 October.

Film synopsis

The Aladin conquered Shallia, making him the prince of Baghdad. Immature, he is bored and constantly disappoints his princess. That is when dictator Shah Zaman arrives who threatens to marry Shallia and restore the throne. The Aladin fled and went in search of his magic lamp to regain genius, the only way to regain his place in the palace. But things can be more complicated than expected, and her involvement with the princess will be affected …

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