Le Matin – "The Blue Pearl" awarded to the Egyptian film "Al Asleyeen" by Marouan Hamed

The Saïdia Film Festival "Cinema without borders" ended on Saturday 1 September, after four days of successful film screenings and thematic debates. The closing night was marked by two lively tributes to the great actress Fadila Benmoussa and the famous director Hakim Noury.

The verdict of the jury was to decide on the films in competition, whether they were long or short films, and this by awarding the Grand Prix "Blue Pearl" to the feature film "Al Asleyeen", the Egyptian Marouan Hamed. The Moroccan film "Hayat" by Raouf Sebbahi received the Jury Prize and the Screenplay Prize. As far as Driss Mrini's feature film "Lahnech" is concerned, he was able to win the Achievement Award, the Best Male Performance with the talented Aziz Dadas and then the best female performance by actress Fadila Benmoussa, who also shone in his role. in the movie "Fadma" by Ahmed El Maanouni.

Moreover, the short film prize was distinguished by the dedication of the film "Cargo" of the Lebanese Karim Rahbani by the Grand Prix "The Orange". The scenario price has returned to the & # 39; battlefield & # 39; by the Algerian director Anouar Hajj Smaïne. The price of the production was earned by the short film "Assia" by Malika Zaïri.
The honored artists expressed their joy and pride in this initiative on this occasion and added that this gesture shown to them can only encourage them to continue in this area. They also put the spotlight on the program of the festival, which blew its fourth candle and brought the film closer to the residents and festival goers of the blue pearl, and on the quality of the films competing during this edition, in the conviction that this cultural event, which is still well known, deserves to be stimulated.

Note that this fourth edition was attended by several directors, actors and scriptwriters who unanimously emphasized the importance of this festival in the city of Saïdia, because it can contribute directly to cinematographic culture, to form a link between Moroccans from here and elsewhere, with attention to the problems of immigration and immigrants, and to promote the culture of tolerance, exchange and cohabitation.

This artistic event also aims to promote cinematographic culture in the Eastern region, particularly in Saïdia, and to contribute to the tourist influence of this destination and the promotion of the culture of tolerance and coexistence. The "Cinema without Borders" festival, whose program also included panel discussions on themes such as "The image of women in the cinema", "The story and the film" and "The image of the immigrant" in the cinema ", is organized with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Ministry of Moroccans living abroad and migration issues, the Moroccan Film Center, the Hassan II Foundation for Moroccans living abroad, the province of Berkane, the Saïdia Development Corporation and the Regional Council of Tourism.

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