Le Matin – The Moroccan artist Hindi Zahra in the hospital in the hospital is doing well

The Moroccan artist Hindi Zahra is hospitalized in Brussels after a malaise, but is doing well and hopes for a quick return to his audience with a new album recorded in Belgium and other artistic projects.
Receiving the visit, on Thursday, by the Moroccan ambassador, Mohamed Ameur, told the Moroccan singer MAP that she is currently working in artistic residency in Brussels, where she is working on a new album with Belgian producers.
"I hope I can quickly resume my activities and my projects after medical examinations," says Hindi Zahra, proud to give news to her fans.
Between the filming of a film, an exhibition of her paintings or a musical tour, the young artist with her talents intensely lives up to her passions.
"For me painting is a moment of serenity where I am often alone Music is a strong moment to share," she says, expressing her fascination with the various artistic expressions (architecture, murals, melting pots) she has in Belgium meets and lies at the basis of her new artistic projects. The artist has not failed to remind us of his attachment to Morocco "inexhaustible source of my inspiration" and his Moroccan audience to which "very soon" promises new artistic projects.

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