PHOTO & # 39; S – Adriana Karembeu Mother: Who is André Ohanian, her husband and father of her daughter?

Adriana Karembeu is a mother. The 46-year-old gave birth to a girl named Nina. She shares an intense happiness with the father of the baby, André Ohanian, a businessman of Armenian origin.

André Ohanian, Aram of his real name, is a man full. Since 2011 he makes the perfect love with Adriana Karembeu. As the father of a 25-year-old boy, Aram dreamed about immersing himself in the pleasures of fatherhood with the sublime mannequin. He wished a little girl who would look like him "That has happened, he is now lucky enough to be the father of his daughter." At 46 Adriana Karembeu became a mother for the first time. his princess called Nina, August 17 last. " I did not know that you can love so much "Said the young mother, for whom it was an obstacle to get pregnant.

So in 2011 the two lovebirds met. The one who was more radiant than ever during her pregnancy, then went through Marrakech. Aram businessman of Armenian origin, has a restaurant there. Yet at first sight, love is not immediate. " When I first met him, I did not see him. Then I found him arrogant. Then I got to know him. To love, I must admire. The most important characteristic that I ask a man is courage. Aram is not diplomatic at all, but he is brave. He always gives his opinion and I love that She told us, stars in her eyes. After their meeting, she communicated via SMS for three months before they meet again. Their idyll seemed pretty bad part. Especially because she found her Marseille accent ridiculous.

Love has finally found its way. The couple finally decided to unite. What could be more romantic than to do at their meeting place? The lovers then flew to Marrakech in 2014 to celebrate their wedding, before saying "yes" to the Mayor of Monaco, where they live. Since then, Adriana Karembeu and Aram Ohanian are inseparable. And after many failures, the couple finally had the good fortune to start their beautiful little family.

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