Sex auction: she sells her virginity to 100,000 euros

At 23, the model Mahbuba Mammadzada decided to sell her virginity to the highest bidder to make the pride of her mother …

"My mother has done everything for me, now it's my turn. I want her to be proud of me »says the young woman to explain his gesture.

By placing an advertisement on the website of an escort girl who focuses on connecting young women with their charms and potential customers, Mahbuba, under the nickname Maria, started this unusual procedure.

She explains in a video on the agency's website that she sells her virginity at a minimum price of 100,000 euros to buy a house for her mother, to finance her higher education abroad and travel all over the world.

Medical certificate to support her virginity, the agency Cinderella Escorts that the intermediary supplies would take 20% of the transaction according to the British magazine Mirror.

The modeling profession that she performs in Turkey and her supermodel status in Azerbaijan, her country of origin, is clearly not enough to provide Mahbuba Mammadzada, ready to sell her body to afford a new life.

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