The Jordanian actor Yassir El Masri dies in a traffic accident

by Qods Chabaa the 24/08/2018 at 15.23 hours

yassir el masri

Jordanian actor Yassir El Massri

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Jordanian actor Yasir El Masri died in the night from Thursday to Friday after a traffic accident. Dying at the age of 47 and father of three children, this huge actor leaves the world of theater and cinema that is regretted by his tragic death.

Jordanian actor Yasir El Masri died after a road accident at the age of 47. This comedian graduated from the Jordan Academy of Music and known for his roles in historical films succumbed to his injuries after this accident took place on the night from Thursday to Friday. He was transferred to the Jabel Zietoun hospital in the city of Zerka, Jordan, and could not be saved.

This actor, a theater professional, also known in Morocco, has played one of the leading roles in the hit series & # 39; Haroun Al Rachid & # 39 ;, broadcast in the month of Ramadan.

Yasir El Masri was born in Kuwait and was married to the journalist of Le Journal Al Rai, the beautiful Nesreen Kurd, the mother of her three children: Zayed, Raya and Jana.

By Qods Chabaa

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