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by Chloe Delaporte

September 1, 2018

Do not forget that in 2003 Paul Burrell, the former butler of Lady Diana, revealed that he had a handwritten letter written by the princess herself. In this disturbing message we read that Prince Charles had planned the death of the princess with "car accident".

This Friday, August 31, we celebrated the sad 21st anniversary of the death of Lady Diana. The one who was commonly called "the princess of the people" has brutally disappeared in a car accident under the bridge of Alma in Paris to leave a great emptiness in the heart of the royal family and the whole world.

For some the circumstances of Lady Dian's deathleave room for doubt. Is it really an "accident"? today a curious letter written by the princess and owned by her former butler exaggerate the news. First unveiled in 2003 in the Daily Mirrorthe letter was sent by the princess ten months before the tragic date to his butler, according to what he claims Paul Burrell.

This letter accuses Prince Charles of planning the death of Lady Diana in a car accident to get rid of her. I sit at my desk in October, waiting for someone to take me in his arms and push me to stay strong and hold my head. This particular step in my life is the most dangerous – my husband is currently planning an accident & # 39; with my car, a breakdown and a serious head injury to release him to marry Tiggy. Camilla is nothing but a blanket and we are both used by this man "she would have written. At that time, rumors Tiggy Legge-Bourke, the prince of princes William and Harry and then personal assistant of Prince Charles, suspect a relationship with him.

Should we believe it?

Should we really believe it? No certainty about the author of this letter used in the investigation into the death of Princess Diana is still on the agenda. The opinions of those close to Lady Di are divided. Indeed, in his book A royal duty published in 2001, Pau Burrell reported that the princess had given him the letter as a guarantee, "just in case". Yet according to the Telegraph, the letter would have been shown to Lucia Flecha, one of Diana's best friends who claims that the princess has never told him this feeling. Moreover, according to Lucia Flecha, the butler was "perfect able to imitate the writing of Princess Diana"and could therefore be the real author of the letter Business for following …

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by Chloe Delaporte

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