the Netflix films soon in a Belgian room


Good news for film lovers who do not support streaming.

We remember the commotion caused during the last Cannes Film Festival: the streaming platform Netflix had withdrawn all its programmed films during the festival, alarmed by the decision of the organizers to demand an exit in the cinemas for films in competition.

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It seems that the strategy of the American giant is now to take a soft look at the world of cinema. It is present at the Venice Film Festival through numerous productions. Netflix has included the listing on all of its posters "Soon available in certain theaters and on Netflix" (translate "soon in theaters and on Netflix").

Palace cinema, the lucky winner

And as the announcement Van Morgenit is the Palace cinema in Brussels that will be the first to make the event by broadcasting unpublished films from Netflix. The first films that spectators will be able to see Roma Alfonso Cuarón and July 22 by Paul Greengrass, two feature films presented at the Venice Film Festival. Both films are released as & # 39; Day-and-Date & # 39 ;, ie in theaters, on physical media and in streaming at the same time. 22 July will be released on 10 October Roma will be available from 12 December.

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These unpublished broadcasts are considered as events and will not be regular, as opposed to the & # 39; classic & # 39; productions of cinema. This change of course from the platform to 130 million subscribers is aimed at better presenting its large productions that can bring prices. Unspoken goals: to win Oscars, the ultimate reward of cinema, and to assert itself as a must in the Hollywood world.

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