The new Jack Ryan confronts the jihadists

The world has discovered Jack Ryan on page 31 ofRed October (Paperback), in 1984, wrestled on his keyboard with writing a biography of the American Admiral William Hasley. It states that "almost the entire book was recorded on half a dozen floppy disks spread across his Apple computer".

Thus appears the central character of Tom Clancy (1947-2013), an archivist and analyst based in England, consultant for the CIA, who has to leave his office to face the entire Russian navy, because the captain of a Russian nuclear submarine does desert work . Tom Clancy, a master of spying on intrigues on a large scale, delivered a series of sturdy novels, sometimes written in four hands, that produced successful video games. The writer, who wanted to be a soldier, condensed in his intrigues the final phase of the Cold War, before he became interested in cyber threats.

About the last Clancy in 2013:
America, China and the cyber-gangster

The series of the year for Amazon

On Friday, Amazon released the long-awaited large series of the year, but without the popularity of the label Clancy to abuse, the risk is not short. The title takes the points, Tom Clancy & # 39; s Jack Ryanwithout hassle. For eight episodes, the hero embodied by John Krasinski (The Office U.S., the film A quiet place) will have to detect a new jihadist threat.

Not deprived of ramifications, including about the protagonist, the story unfolds nowadays. It is proposed by Graham Roland and Carlton Cuse – in verve, the latter, after the adventure lost, has designed several series Bates Motel, The Strain and colony.

Carlton Cuse about "Lost" in April 2018:
"Lost" or polar bear syndrome

Tom Clancy had spent a good time emphasizing the intellectual side of his main character's living room. "Physically he went unnoticed, a little over a meter eighty, and his figure at the level of the belt was somewhat insensitive to the lack of movement imposed upon him by the frightening climate of England." He is married to two children in which he "spoiled". He is going to see the planet, but he hates flying. In his first experience as a spy, he has to go from one ship to another while his body is being molded by seasickness. As a sort of James Bond, we have been hitting more.

A Jack Ryan, more geeky than grandpa

The two master builders of the series chose a younger Jack Ryan, a bit nerd. He already works for the CIA in Washington, he does his brewing in the Potomac, attracts girls but does not know what to do, spends his evenings answering before everyone else asks questions about the game TV. The connection with the venerable Jack Ryan is the starting position: "I am an analyst, not a man on the ground", he repeats at will.

In his continuous scan of the financial flows of terrorism, Jack Ryan saw a newcomer, a recipient of large sums. This Suleiman could prepare something. The analyst asks his new boss to intervene, what he is denied, refusal he exceeds. The story begins.

First surprise: the endearing Wendell Pierce is there

There, the first surprise: it is the actor Wendell Pierce, from the troop of David Simon (The Wire, Treme) that embodies the newly arrived leader, banished to the CIA Central after a dark history in Karachi. It was the old vice admiral James Greer in the world of Tom Clancy.

Very quickly, the dynamics of the season are built on the link between Ryan and Greer, clearly opposite to almost everything. It is their convergence, little by little, that will make it possible to make progress in the pursuit of extremist Islamists. The endearing Wendell Pierce is a little more grumpy than he was at the time of the war on drugs in Baltimore, and from then on he excels in the skin of the superior who dreams of acting far away from his life office.

Second surprise: we speak French

The other surprise comes from the chosen geopolitics. We speak a lot of Arabic and French Jack Ryan. The terrible Suleiman, who learned during the season that he was doing an internship at Credit Suisse, grew up in Seine-Saint-Denis. He radicalized himself in prison in Fleury-Mérogis. During the stay Ryan and Greer spend in France, the authors take the time to bring some national specialties to the attention. In particular, the discrimination against Arab facies, on the streets by the police and in the world of work, which insists to the extreme. "At home you can be Asian and American: here they can only stay what they are", summarizes the policewoman who hosts the tandem, played by the other Quebecer Marie-Josée Croze.

For a subject as sensitive in the Hexagon as elsewhere, Jack Ryan the homeland of his heroes will cause some moaning. Moreover, this season is not enough to determine whether the series will have the upper hand on the market, once again flourishing, espionage. She relies without hesitation on the action of the gondola series, which robs the precious thickness of his elders, native country thereafter The Legends Office.

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