The release of Netflix films in Belgian cinemas confirmed

Nandflix about coming to terms with the film industry? Boudé in Cannes because his films did not leave the room, the platform is present in the Mostra. And everywhere on the Lido, the posters of Netflix productions proudly show the slogan "Soon in certain theaters and on Netflix". Outputs considered as events more than traditional.

With us the outputs of Roma Alfonso Cuarón and July 22 Paul Greengrass, two films presented in Venice, will take place at the Palace in Brussels, as confirmed by the Tomorrow. Trips on day-and-day, hear the same day on all media, scheduled for October 10th July 22 and December 12 for Roma.

A change of perspective and strategy for Netflix, determined to fully honor the films it produces. A way to ease the tensions, and perhaps to find a middle ground between traditional distributors, cinemas and new players in the film industry.

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